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Your Safety is Priority

The health and safety of our customers is paramount to everything that we do.

As workplaces around the world change and adapt to combat the spread of COVID19, your travel requirements are still as critical as ever and, as such, we will do our bit to help protect you.

What are we changing?

When it comes to you and your actions nothing will be different, however you may notice a few changes from our staff and our vehicle.

We have made hand sanitisers freely available in our vehicles, which you may use at your discretion. Our driver will also be wearing a suitable face covering. Disposable face coverings are also available for you to wear.

After every journey the car will be completely cleaned and sanitized before the next journey.

We want to ensure that you feel safe and comfortable on any journey that you make with us so if you have any special requirements that you would like to ask for then please don’t hesitate to reach out.